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Ring Pipeline

The Technifab Engineering are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Services and Providers from Ring Pipeline, in accordance with the HMI Science Plan, are full-disc and synoptic maps of horizontal velocity and sound-speed profiles from the surface to a depth of 30 Mm. In addition to these it is possible that we may be able to produce high-resolution maps to the same depths and deep-focus maps extending to 200 Mm. The distinction between full-disc and synoptic maps is not clear in the Science Plan; since the analysis normally relies on mapping onto some co-rotating surface coordinate system in any case, it may only be a matter of organization or continuity of the data. Continuous analysis of the full disc is necessary in any case to prepare the synoptic maps. Likewise the distinction between full-disc and synoptic maps on the one hand and high-resolution on the other is not made specific in the Science Plan.

An example of a ring pipeline with four stages a self-timed pipeline could be implemented in a ring or unrolled configuration an unrolled pipeline with four stages, consisting of asynchronous C elements. The ring configuration is formed by connecting the last stage of the pipeline to its first stage. It was shown in that the ring pipeline is a generalization of the unrolled pipeline. This pipeline is completely self-timed, and operates based on the actual speed of the circuit, determined by the VDD. This gives better power supply flexibility from fully stable (e.g. battery) to variable. We are actively engaged in delivery of Ring Pipeline to our valuable clients in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and all over India.

Ring Pipeline

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