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Resin Pipeline

We Resin Pipeline are used for specific applications, like large sewer lines, or because exhibit certain properties, extreme corrosion resistance. Technifab Engineering the best Resin Pipeline Manufacturers, Suppliers, Services and Providers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and all over India. Polyester resin is the most affordable type of pipe lining resin available. It is primarily used in large municipal plumbing projects, like sewer lines and storm water drainage systems because it meets a great many of the municipal codes when it comes to municipal lines. It can also be mixed in such a way that the cure time can be altered from just a few minutes to several weeks. Vinyl resin is a hybrid of epoxy and polyester. It is typically used where extreme corrosion resistance is needed as that is the primary benefit of this resin.

Pipe relining is a composite’s hybrid application. Liner made of PU-PE-PP or PVC, supported by polyester felt or glass reinforcement are impregnated with our epoxy resin and extruded by pressure into the existing pipe. Epoxy resin is the most expensive of the three types of resins. However, it does not contain any dangerous fumes or VOCs, and it does not shrink as it cures. These properties make epoxy resin the go-to choices for lining indoor commercial, industrial and residential plumbing pipes.

Resin Pipeline

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